Interstate Roofing

Interstate Roofing is a division of Interstate Commercial Construction Company. Just as our track record speaks for itself, there is a dedication to customer service and satisfaction on every residential and commercial project we complete. Our team of roofing installers and suppliers maintain the highest quality of labor, materials and warranty for your project. We always have your satisfaction in mind.

Most customers are in need of a roof inspection after experiencing storm damage and/or noticing interior leaks. It is always good to have a proactive approach to replacement or repair of your home or business roof prior to experiencing either of the two. We offer a free inspection to your roof, and we do recommend that a roofing professional complete a full inspection prior to you contacting your insurance company.

Once a roof has been inspected by one of our sales representatives, and it is determined that a roof replacement is needed, as part of our customer service, we offer to meet one-on-one with your insurance adjuster at your home or business to assure you that you are receiving the maximum amount of proceeds from your claim.

We use state of the art estimating software and satellite imaging for precision measurements of your roof in order to give our customers the most up-to-date and professional estimate(s). Our use of these types of software(s) is also used by 90 percent of the insurance adjusters across the nation, which enables us to help eliminate any mistakes and discrepancies between our information and the insurance adjuster's provided claim.


When do I contact my insurance company to file a claim?

Once you have seen hail, high wind or noticeable roofing material missing, it is highly recommended that you contact us or a reliable roofing company and request a free inspection. However, even though you may not see leaks in the interior of your home or business, that does not indicate that there is no damage. Please be aware that there are companies that claim to be professionals and can sometimes mislead a home or business owner by recommending that a claim be filed after finishing their inspection. You do not, in all cases, need to contact your insurance company to file a claim just based on one company's inspection and/or recommendation. We always recommend that you get a second inspection from a reputable roofing company and compare the information before you attempt to file a claim. If a claim is filed with your insurance company, regardless of the fact that there is little or no damage, most likely your deductible will increase, so proceed with caution.

What do I look for in determining if there is damage to my roof?

In both residential and commercial there are "clear cut" signs that you have damage. On a standard laminated, two or three tab composition shingle there will be a round, oval or various shaped divot or a black discoloration that can range in size to smaller than a dime and up to a softball (which that large is rare). See the image below as an example of a damaged composition shingle.

If I notice damage, such as the divots described above, how many of these would create enough damage for an insurance claim?

Typically, a roof must have a minimum of 8 noticeable damage incidents within 10 x 10 foot area throughout, and that can sometimes vary from one insurance adjuster to another. Again, to be sure of your damage and how it can warrant a claim to be filed with your insurance company, contact us or a reputable roofing company for a free inspection.

If the roof has very slight but noticeable damage, what could eventually happen if the roof is not repaired or replaced?

Over time, these slight and sometimes unnoticeable damaged parts of your roof can and most likely will begin to swell, enlarge and begin to deteriorate the integrity of your moisture and thermal barrier membranes. During the hot summer months, normal rainfall, snow, ice or even high winds can increase the size and depth of even the smallest amount of damage.

If it is recommended by Interstate Roofing that I file a claim with my insurance company after the roof inspection, what do I do with the claim once I receive it?

The best procedure after receiving the claim from your adjuster is to forward a copy to us via email or fax. Once we confirm all of the quantities of the materials and labor needed, a repair or replacement quote will be sent to you for your review.

What do I do once I receive the first check from the insurance company for the claim?

This will depend on whether your insurance company has issued a check payable to you directly or to you and your mortgage company. If the check includes your mortgage company as a payee, you will need to consult with them and follow their standard procedures prior to sending any payment(s) to any roofing company.

Does Interstate Roofing provide construction insurance coverage?

We are insured up to $2,000,000 in general liability, Worker's Compensation and Commercial Auto Insurance to protect your home or business in the event of miscellaneous property damage or injury to a worker. We can provide copies of insurance certificates for every location in which we are hired to perform work.

Does Interstate provide a warranty on labor and materials?

Yes, we issue warranty information in every contract that clearly identifies the specifics of the labor and manufacturer's warranty timeframe(s), which will vary with the type of material installed.